Lawn and Garden Edging System

The present invention provides a lawn and garden edging system that is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. It also provides for the attachment of watering components and lighting elements. The invention consists of a trough, a landscape edging device, and a cover. The trough is secured in the ground and serves as the base of the edging apparatus.


What material is best for edging?

The landscape edging device is a wedge-shaped rectangular piece of rigid plastic. Its lower edge is adapted to engage the inner surface of the locking lips. The cover extends into space beyond the trough to prevent migration of the mulch and bark chips. It has a plurality of ridges that accommodate bends. The structure includes a vertical aperture that accepts a broom stick handle.

The trough is preferably made of grass-impermeable or opaque plastic. Its two parallel upright sides are secure in the ground. The trough may be “VI” shaped. The upper part of the trough is adapted to form a passageway. The conduit provides a passageway for water tubes and electrical wiring. It can be concealed to hide the tubular-shaped top.

The trough can be made of any material that is suitable for the edging system. It can be constructed from ABS, PVC, or grass-impermeable plastic. It can be manufactured to any length. It is a very sturdy edging system that can be used in all kinds of gardens.

The trough has a flat bottom. It is adapted to be placed between the garden bed and the lawn. It can be shaped according to the preferences of the domestic client. It can be a curved shape to create a beautiful edging. It can also be shaped to provide corners.

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