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After decades of state control and censorship, South 나폴리호 has a vibrant media environment. The Basic Press Act was repealed in 1987, and satellite broadcasting has brought multi-channel television to households nationwide. Nonetheless, the government controls several of the country’s television networks and still exerts influence on editorial content.

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In recent years, however, journalists have increased the amount of investigative reporting and have sought greater autonomy from the government. They have also begun to cover sensitive subjects such as political-military relations, factions within the military, and activities of dissident groups. The Joongang Ilbo developed one of the first newspaper websites in Asia, and other companies now offer online-only portals.

The government has responded by bringing libel suits against some of the major newspapers and by making its political agenda more visible in editorials. It has also threatened to impose a mandatory viewer’s fee on cable and satellite channels in an effort to increase its control over the broadcasting industry.

South Korea is home to numerous television stations, including KBS World 24, which aims to connect with the audience by producing audience-oriented, high quality public services. The channel is based in Seoul and offers programming in both Korean and English, with subtitles available in Chinese and Malay. Arirang TV, an international English-language network that is operated by the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation, presents programs with local people that give viewers a contemporary and accurate view of Korea and the world.

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